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My thanks to Michael Shepherd of for permission
to reproduce the photo of an English Turnaround Percussion Black Powder Pistol

Dale Calder who hails originally from Whangarei, New Zealand has had an interest in handguns including black powder pistols over many years.
He has now reached a point in his life where he would like to indulge that interest further by participating in the firing of reproduction
black powder revolvers and pistols here in Auckland, the City of Sails, where he is currently residing.

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Navy Colt Replica For Sale

Posted by admin on January 15, 2012 under black powder colt

I have received an email through from Danny .. “I have a navy colt black powder revolver replica in working condition with caps and powder. I am relocating to the UK and would like to pass this item on to a worthy owner. Do you have any contacts that may be interested?….. Regards Danny McLachlan”.

Email me using the Contact Form in the first instance should you be interested and I will tee things up with Danny for you ..

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